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When it comes to the health and safety of staff, visitors and customers, the correct hygiene cleaning of your wash-rooms is of paramount importance.

To eliminate or at least vastly reduce the risk of cross contamination of harmful bacteria from toilets over to offices, kitchens and dining areas, strict health and safety procedures must be followed at all times by appropriately trained cleaning operatives.

For example, all cleaning materials and equipment used for wash-room cleaning should be colour coded so they are easily identifiable from general area materials and equipment and not used for any other purpose. i.e.

  • Red coded equipment for urinal and w.c. cleaning (these should be segregated from all other equipment at all times, even when stored away).
  • Green for kitchens and dining areas.
  • Blue, white or yellow for offices, common areas i.e, reception, corridors, staircases and meeting rooms.

Mops, buckets and brooms should also be coded and be segregated from "general area" equipment at all times, EVEN WHEN STORED AWAY.

The obvious items/areas for thorough hygienic sanitisation in washroom cleaning are the w. c. s, urinals and floors. The not so obvious are cisterns, flushing handles, door handles, latches, dispensers, taps and wash basins. These should all be thoroughly disinfected within the daily washroom cleaning service. Cubicles, doors and walls within the specified deep cleaning frequency.

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Once the hygienic sanitisation procedure is complete, re-stocking of toilet rolls, paper towels, soaps, air fresheners etc can be carried out. Finally, the finishing touch can be applied so you are left with a sparkling clean, gently fragranced wash-room. An image that management and staff can be proud of and visitors impressed with.

Impact are a modern forward thinking and fully health and safety compliant hygiene cleaning service which uses the most up to date methods alongside the latest technology. Our operatives are acutely aware of the importance of all health and safety cleaning procedures when carrying out this important area of a building cleaning service.

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