Winter Maintenance... More Info

Forward planning is good management!

Our clients utilise our service for the removal of ice and snow from the grounds and approach roads around their premises to ensure SAFE access and egress to and from site for staff, employees, visitors, clients, patients and public.

Impacts motorised salt spreading vehicles are ideal for roads and car parks, ensuring accuracy and evenness of spread along with speedy application.

Our pedestrianised operated equipment is more suitable for walkways, pavements and smaller hard to access areas and also ensures we can overcome any potential access issues on arrival at site.

Winter Maintenance... More Info

In addition to 'one off' gritting and snow shifting services, we also provide trigger point contracts for your added piece of mind. You set the trigger temperature and once it falls below this, we call out and grit your premises.

We also supply gritting equipment such as, site grit / sand bins and shovels as well as a refilling and maintenance service.

Winter Maintenance... More Info

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For any queries on the above ice gritting and snow shifting service or any of our other services CALL US ON 0844 504 5155 TODAY!

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